4" thin wall plastic pipe, starting to crush

4" cast iron sewer pipe with grease build-up

Sewer video inspection equipment is the most vital tool we have on out trucks.  This state of the art equipment, will allow our underground specialist determine the condition the sewer or drain system is in.  We are able to capture clear video and snap shot photos of any issues we may find.  Our underground specialist can also locate the exact location of the camera head if any repair or replacement is needed.  Video inspections are a great investment exspecially if you're buying a home or if you're currently having sewer back-up issues.

Major tree root intrusion

Large crack in city sewer

4" cast iron to orangeburg pipe

4" cast iron sewer pipe 200' long and its in great condition

4" cast iron to 4" orangeberg sewer pipe

Large gap between the connection 

4" cast iron to 6" clay sewer pipe with tree root intrusion

4" cast iron sewer pipe with major scale build-up and large belly

4" cast iron sewer pipe for an apartment complex with grease build-up

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